Build Your Talent Pool

Say goodbye to spreadsheets. getTalent provides a single repository for all of your candidate leads. It’s easy for anyone on your team to add candidates to your database, whether you need to import them from your ATS, upload a single resume, or add new leads while you source. With all of your candidate leads aggregated and readily accessible, getTalent makes it simple for your team to collaborate and hire faster.

Effortlessly Add Candidates

Candidates come to you in a variety of formats, so getTalent makes it easy to add them to your Talent Pool no matter the source. You can drag and drop a resume from your desktop, upload a CSV file, email a resume to your account, or add a new candidate manually and getTalent will parse all of the details, as well as tag skills, automatically.

Sourcing Made Simple

Save valuable time and eliminate the risk of inputting incorrect data with a one-click chrome extension. Automatically add candidates to your Talent Pool from your browser while searching for candidates on sites like Twitter, Facebook, GitHub, and more. Candidate details are pulled from the web page to create a profile then linked to the webapp for easy viewing. Sourcing done simply and smarter – every time.

Crowdsource Your Requisitions

Sometimes you find great candidates for a requisition you arent sourcing. Help your team achieve its goals with simple collaboration in getTalent. Easily share notes with your colleagues, and see all candidate communications made by you and your teammates. Nothing stands in the way of a cohesive and enjoyable experience for your candidates and a simplified collaboration method for you.

Mobile for On-The-Go

Sourcing candidates doesn’t only happen at your desk, getTalent’s mobile app lets you add candidates to your Talent Pool when and where you meet them – at a conference, job fair, networking event, or even a Meetup. Snap a picture of a resume, and getTalent will scan, parse and add the candidate to your Talent Pool. Search and access candidate profiles and call candidates directly from the app. Activity is auto-logged, ensuring accurate engagement reporting and efficient candidate management from anywhere.

Make it Easy to Stay In-Touch

Application abandonment rates are upwards of 90%. Don’t miss capturing a great candidate because they aren’t ready to apply. getTalent provides a custom website widget so that candidates who are interested, but not ready to apply, can quickly join your talent community and stay informed about opportunities.

Seemless ATS Integration

Too often, once a requisition is filled, candidates never hear from that company again — hurting the candidate’s experience with their brand. Is your next great hire forgotten in your Applicant Tracking System? getTalent’s integration with leading ATS platforms makes it effortless to add applicants to your Talent Pool so you can nurture them until there’s a role that fits.

Leave No Candidate Leads Behind

Did you know that you’re sitting on a gold mine? Candidates that applied for positions at your company in the past may be the perfect fit for you today. But as each day passes, those applicants quickly turn into old, aged leads with out-of-date resume information. getTalent’s exclusive FreshUp process makes old data new again automagically! Our proprietary system scans over 200 sites across the web to update and make your candidate leads actionable again.

Building and Nurturing an Engaged Pool of Candidates Should Be Easy

With getTalent, It Is.