Hire with Actionable Analytics

getTalent provides HR Leaders with actionable insight into pipeline health and team performance. getTalent analytics also show you which channels are yielding the best and most engaged candidates and where your efforts are paying off, ensuring your team is working smarter and achieving goals.

Measure Pipeline Health

Building a strong candidate pipeline is key to hiring top talent quickly. Save time by proactively cultivating relationships with prospective candidates and identify gaps in your pipeline. Then use getTalent’s robust reporting to monitor pipeline growth and identify average candidate qualifications, and focus your sourcing efforts to fill any gaps. The actionable insights from getTalent help you proactively build a stronger pipeline.

Understand Team Performance

Identify your rockstar recruiters with getTalent’s team reporting and metrics. It’s simple to build pipelines for each recruiter, so you can understand how your team is doing, view activity and engagement by team member to benchmark performance, and determine best practices.

Identify the Most Engaged Candidates

Make the most of your time spent recruiting by focusing on the most engaged candidate leads. getTalent provides in-depth reporting from each of your engagement campaigns, allowing you to identify the leads most likely to turn into applicants. Drill down into engagement metrics for each pipeline to easily identify and focus on your most engaged candidates and make your recruiting efforts targeted and effective.

Track and Measure Success

Know where to spend your time and recruitment marketing funds to see the greatest ROI. Track where your candidates come from, know which channels are the most productive, and invest your efforts there. Utilize data and insights to ensure you are sourcing smarter.

Building and Nurturing an Engaged Pool of Candidates Should Be Easy

With getTalent, It Is.