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Organize Candidate Leads into Pipelines

Transform your recruiting process from reactive to proactive through pipelining. Building pipelines of engaged candidate leads will ensure you’re ready to instantly fill open roles and support new hiring initiatives, shortening your time to hire and reduce recruiting costs.

Hiring Initiative Success

Create unlimited pipelines to help with your unique and specific hiring initiatives. getTalent’s easy to use pipelines make it simple to focus efforts and ensure progress made on specific initiatives. Tailor-made dashboards give you at-a-glance views to track progress and measure success – from Diversity and Veteran recruiting initiatives to hard-to-source roles and relocation efforts, getTalent helps you succeed.

Set Up Pipelines in Seconds

Creating your pipelines in getTalent is a snap. Define a broad or granular set of filters for each pipeline including skills, experience level, previous employer, education, geographic location, and more. getTalent shows you real-time results so you immediately know how many candidates in your talent pool meet your requirements.

Cut the Busy Work

You don’t have time to spend flagging, tagging or putting in manual effort to manage your pipelines. getTalent funnels new leads into applicable pipelines automatically while you source, so you’re able to spend your valuable time engaging and converting candidates into applicants.

Building and Nurturing an Engaged Pool of Candidates Should Be Easy

With getTalent, It Is.